Is your website SSL ready?

Is your website SSL ready?

With the recent release of the news that Goole will punish websites that are not encrypted by starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal, SSL (secure socket layer) certificates have become very popular.  Imagine having a website on Google where Chrome will start showing “not secure” on non-https pages.


If you don’t have your site on SSL yet, well its time you do.

There are several options out there from Godaddy, to Rapid SSL with a variety of prices – everything from $10 a year to thousands per year.

It doesn’t really matter which option you choose.  All SSL certificates are effectively the same.  The cheapest certificate is the same as an expensive  SSL certificate.

The only caveat is the “EV” (Extended Validation) certificate that puts the green company name in the browser.  They can cost many hundreds to thousands, and require that you submit all kinds of business documents like incorporation articles to secure the certificate.

The main difference between certs is basically the little “secure site” badges you can put on your site.  If you really want to buy a certificate, you can get them from The SSL Store.  An inexpensive option is the $12.99 certificate which they offer.


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