Do you really need an expert to tell you how to run Facebook Ads?

Do you really need an expert to tell you how to run Facebook Ads?

Have you noticed how many Facebook Advertising experts there are? Every day there is a new person either selling you Facebook Advertising services or trying to teach you how to make $5,000 a week selling Facebook Advertising.

While some are good at what they do – others I’m not too sure about. Pretty soon everyone is going to be a Facebook Ad Hack expert. If you take out all the fancy talk, and hoopla, Facebook advertising is pretty straight forward and simple to understand.

If you are trying to sell a product or service, promote a book or an event – it all starts with three simple yet important steps. We call it the Bermuda Triangle effect, as your campaign will fail if you miss any of these three steps.

Bermuda triangle consists of your offer, the audience and your sales funnel.

First is your offer. Facebook is full of daily posts, ads, and many other distractions, so you need a strong offer that commands attention and solicits an action or an answer. “KISS” is crucial to the success of the first step – “Keep it simple stupid.”

All our ads always ask a question – because it demands an answer. Everyone who sees your ad will have to answer the question, either mentally or physically by clicking on the ad. Some examples of effective ads we have run in the past.

Agency: Would you like to be the first to know when Facebook makes changes without getting bombarded with emails every day?

Dentist: Do you drink too much coffee? Come on by for a quick free dental cleanup.

Mobile car wash: Don’t you have anything better to do than waiting at a car wash? Enjoy a car wash from the comfort of your home or office – first wash is on us.

Second is your audience. This portion is as important as your offer and sales funnel. The greatest product offered to the wrong audience means a disastrous ad campaign. Take your time and evaluate all the options you have to choose the best target audience.

Our strategy has been to limit our audience to 50,000 people for every $50 we spend per day. Target the right audience repeatedly. In our study, we have found that our ad needs to be shown 7 to 8 times to the right audience before a purchase is made. Tweak your audience to ensure you have an optimized target who is most likely to click on your ad.

The third is your Sales funnel. A funnel that converts yet it’s simple. We use a 3 step funnel that is super easy.

Facebook Ad – Landing Page – Thank you Page

Once you boost a post – your call to action will land your potential clients on a landing page which should reinforce your offer further. Collect the necessary data such as email, name, phone number and send them to the thank you page so they can get the offer.

With the Bermuda Triangle effect in place, we usually tweak our ads twice a week. The ones with no exposure or high CPC get tweaked – the ones not performing get turned off.

Don’t fall into the Facebook Ad hack scare tactics – it’s pretty simple and straightforward once you do your homework and follow these three simple rules.

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