Would you like to become an Influencer?

Would you like to become an Influencer?

Influencers today are bona-fide celebrities with selling power, comparable to any actor or model. Influencers are normal people how has an above average impact on a specific niche, community or an association.

Marketers have changed their strategy in which focus is placed on specific key individuals, rather than the target market as a whole – this means individuals are becoming more and more influencers. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, companies hire influencers to promote and get the word out.

“Your ideas can change the world when spoken with influence” said Aris Jerahian, but how can you become one is the challenge. There are 3 key strategies Aris always reminds his clients to who wish to become influencers in their market.

1. Concentrate on a Niche

  • To be an influencer focus on what you are passionate about.
  • Please do not try to do everything. Focus on one niche and strengthen that skill set.
  • Learn and read everything about this niche to be a master at it.

2. Share your Knowledge

  • To establish presence, create industry centric content. Remember more quality less quantity. Don’t write just because!
  • A blog is the best platform to develop and promote your brand.
  • To demonstrate your knowledge create webinars, videos and white papers.
  • Always be an independent thinker with an opinion. People listen to influential people who have their own views
  • Always hold true to your personal values – never play on both sides.

3. Always Network & Engage

  • Always make an effort to connect with others. Interact while commenting on other blogs or posts.
  • Attend industry related events or trade shows. Stay visible and approachable so people will come to you.
  • Engage and respond with every connection you make.

Keep in mind, while the list might sound simple, it does take dedication and focus. Nothing comes easy, and being influential takes a lots of hard work.

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