The keys to executing a successful consultation

The keys to executing a successful consultation

  • High Energy – Get your thoughts together  before you get on a call or visit.  Stay focused and on target.
  • Dress to Impress – First impressions always count – nevertheless, all impressions always count.
  • Always Ask Questions – Learn as much as possible before you give a single advice.  Learn about their business, client, campaigns.
  • Define Their True Pain – Get to the root of what their real problem is and help solve that issue.  Always define their true pain.
  • Simple Solution – Break down their problem and offer a simple solution.
  • Preface the Pitch With a Question – Position your question for “Yes” answers
  • Ask for the Sale – Never leave open ended.  You are in control and need to guide the entire consultation to the sales point.

No one ever said that consulting has to be difficult.  It is in your hands to either simplify the entire process for the client or make it tough on both of you.

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