Here’s What Breakthrough Brands Do Differently

Here’s What Breakthrough Brands Do Differently

The bar has been raised. Today’s consumer expectations are unprecedented, driven in part by the abundance of options—and access. If done right, early players in emerging markets and across the business scape have a huge opportunity to grow in today’s democratized marketplace.
But with such vast competition, how do startups “make it”? What helps a brand break through?
For the second consecutive year, we partnered with Interbrand at their Breakthrough Brands Summit following the launch of the 2017 Breakthrough Brands report. We joined panels to discuss breakthrough growth dynamics and experience on demand, and shared the floor with panelists from Casper, MikMak, PS Dept, Lyft and Adobe.
The findings? Brands that succeed have a few things in common.
1. They commit to customer relationships
Customers need to be your number one priority. Even business-to-business brands should treat clients as people first, listen to their feedback and ideas, and try to understand their unique needs. Successful brands will always focus on the person at the other end of their product or service.
Global brand Adobe treats its customers as part of a tight-knit creative community. Lyft works with its drivers to make customers feel safe and happy—a partnership fueled by transparency and trust. Facebook Blueprint treats everyone as a potential Facebook marketer, regardless of the amount of experience they have with the platform.
2. They provide an awesome experience
In an increasingly on-demand world, speed and ease are the rule—not the exception. Creating a fun, easy and enjoyable experience for your customers makes all the difference.
Breakthrough brand Casper wants to build a better way to buy mattresses and make the purchase journey more efficient and comfortable (literally). They’ve succeeded in giving people an alternative to the “car salesman” approach. Here at Facebook, our early rallying cry was “move fast and break things”—and while we still value speed, we’re also learning when to be steady and consistent for the sake of our customers.
3. They learn from other well-loved brands
While the products and services of breakthrough brands differ vastly, many of their ideas and approaches are similar and shareable. The most successful businesses listen to and learn from other thriving businesses.
Here at Facebook, we’re committed to helping business grow, but we’re also growing and evolving ourselves. We’re constantly inspired by the small and medium sized businesses we work with—like Inspiralized, a healthy food blog for spiralizer recipes. Their creativity unlocked the value of our platforms like Mobile Studio and brought their brand story to life. As we help small businesses grow, we’ll keep looking to them for inspiration and innovative thinking.
If you want to break through the noise—or if you’ve already succeeded and you want to keep growing—remember to put your customers first, build great experiences and never stop learning from others.  Let us know if you need any help with your strategy.  Call us at 818.396.5765 or email us at

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