Do you suffer from Rental Car Syndrome?

Do you suffer from Rental Car Syndrome?

Why is it people do not own up to their actions? Do we really know how to be responsible and or accountable for our actions or decisions anymore?

We live in a society where lawyers dictate ownership rights, where it is easier to blame others for our actions, and or habits. A simple lawsuit can blame others for our addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, or even our eating habits.

We blame the educational system for our children’s undeveloped grades. We blame the President for the unemployment rate. We blame the financial institutions for our personal debt. We blame the fast food industry for our obesity.

If you believe in this philosophy, then you might be suffering from a symptom called Rental Car Syndrome. A contagious disease where ownership counts! Do you ever wash a rental car before returning it? No! No one does, because ownership counts.

The serious misjudgment that is made by most people is that others are to blame for our consequences and actions

Rather than blame others, embrace your frustration, learn from it and beat it. Successful people have realized that owning up to their frustrations, is the key difference between success and failure. Whether it’s business or personal, doing something wholeheartedly and owning up to it is the key to success.

Ownership means you accept who you are and what you do. It mean’s only you are accountable for you own actions. It also means you are responsible for your behavior which controls your actions in turn controls your habits.

Ownership starts with your thoughts!

Pay attention to your thoughts they become your words.  Pay attention to your words as they become your actions, which dictate your habits and eventually becomes your behavior. Naturally, behavior dictates ownership.

All of the above control our future. The way we see it and the way we live it. We spend hours trying to find out the main reason, why we failed, or why we are overweight, why our children are not getting the right education – well I say enough thinking about it and start owning some of the problems and see how fast you will see a change.

If you don’t like this article – then it must be your fault. It can’t be mine.

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