Are you Ready to Advertise on Snapchat?

Are you Ready to Advertise on Snapchat?

Snapchat has finally come to their senses and are going after the ad dollars of every company, not just giant brands. The self-serve ad manager will be free and simple enough for everyone to use.

A few weeks ago, SillyBeez gained access to Snapchat’s Ad Manager. As we explored and played around the dashboard, we took screen shots to help guide you through your snapchat journey. If you have advertised on Facebook, it should be easy for you to tackle Snapchat.

How to Create a Snapchat Attachment Ad

  • Go to “Ad Manager” and start a new campaign. After you receive your welcome message, click “Create Campaign” to begin.

  • Create an ad set name. To keep your campaigns well organized, it is very important for you to name your ad set.
  • Choose your objective & schedule. Currently there are only 3 objectives. Grow Awareness, Drive Traffic, and app installs. Choose your objective and schedule, then set your status to “Active” and click “Next”.
  • Create your target audience. Similar to Facebook, you can target your audience by demographics, audiences, devices, custom audiences etc.

  • Set your budget and goals. Once again similar to Facebook, Snapchat bills you according to your daily budget, goal or bid. In each case you can tell Snapchat the maximum amount you are willing to spend each day.
  • Upload your creative. Click “New Creative” and upload your creative. You will then be able to upload your 10 second video ad. Snapchat has unique ad specs to follow. Please make sure you follow them.

After you’ve uploaded your creative, complete the necessary information where it will appear on the ad once it goes live.

  • To launch your campaign, click “Publish” and you are set to go. On your dashboard, you can view all the campaigns you are running. From there you can activate or deactivate campaigns at any time.

Now, you are ready to launch your first Snapchat campaign. Keep in mind, App Annie says that 35% of Snapchat’s daily users can’t be reached on Facebook on a given day. Snap’s distinct audience might compel your business to get with the times.

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