Is this what we have become?

Is this what we have become?

We sleep late, yet wake up early. Stay up too late, get up too tired. We eat more fat, but drink more diet. We write more, but learn less. We speak more, and listen less. We see more, yet understand less. More preachers, yet less prayers. Love too seldom, hate too often.

Once responsible now entitled. Once accountable now blame the other. We teach personal, emotional and subjective values, yet we lack principles to apply those values.

We’ve learned to adapt and survive, but yet we live to work, not work to live. We work late, but accomplish far less. More teamwork, less team play. More meetings, less meaning. More degrees, less common sense.

Times have changed, now its king size, super size, double-double extra size. More reality shows, less realistic people. Fancier weddings with higher divorce rates. More vacation, less relaxation. Higher stock market, lower reputable companies. Less thieves, more corporate crooks.

We have more Republicans and Democrats, but no leaders. More politicians, more liars. Once we had debates, now we have riots. All lives used to matter, now black lives matter. We have common core, but lack common knowledge. We had news, now real fake news.

We travel the world, but refuse to meet our neighbor. More communication channels, but less communication. We have social connection, but lack human connection. We have privacy with public knowledge. We have technology, goodbye family.


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