The Power of Facebook Digital Insights.

The Power of Facebook Digital Insights.

For many years advertisers were limited to performance metrics which was not easy to determine the cause of a drop in performance. Facebook reports showed the drop but never the reason.

Facebook Delivery Insights now provides metrics to help you better understand your audience saturation and auction overlap.

All Delivery Insights metrics apply at the ad set level (rather than campaign or ad levels) and will only be available to ad sets that have been running for at least 5 consecutive days, has at least 500 impressions and have experienced a sudden shift in performance

When an ad set is eligible for Delivery Insights – a “see Delivery Insights” link will become visible when hovering over data in the delivery column.

Delivery Insight Page

Delivery Insight, by default will show the amount spent chart for the past 7 days. However, a drop down at the top left will let you adjust the chart for additional metrics.

At the bottom half of the page, there are three tabs to give you additional detailed information.

Activity History: This table shows you recent activity in your account. If you have an ad set that is not performing as well as you would like, or shows a recent drop in performance, it can be helpful to look for any activity around the same time that may explain the performance change.

Auction Overlap: Auction overlap is when you have multiple ads that are eligible for the same auction. This is caused by audience overlap between ad sets in the same account.

When your ads are in the same auctions, Facebook prevents you from bidding against yourself and remove all but the most competitive ads in the auction. Ad sets with high auction overlap are more likely to under-deliver because they have fewer opportunities to be shown to people.

Audience Saturation: Audience saturation is the point at which your performance starts to drop as your ad frequency rises.

If your First Time Impression Ratio is low, and the outcomes you care about are declining (conversions, for example), it may be time to change your creative or targeting.

Facebook Delivery Insight will help advertisers to see how campaigns are performing and understand what they should modify during the campaign to increase their likelihood of success.

I hope you find this post useful and if you have started using Delivery Insights, what do you think?

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